Which Diamond Shape is Right For You?

How to Choose the Right Diamond Shape

When you think of a diamond, what is the first shape that comes to mind? The classic round shape diamond was the first thing that popped into your head, right? Well, diamonds actually come in a wide variety of shapes and each have their own unique characteristics. The classic round diamond keeps a phenomenal sparkle and brilliance. The emerald cut’s step cut facets show case a sleek and modern look. When deciding on the right diamond shape for you, keep in mind that this is YOUR engagement ring and as long as you and your significant other love it, that’s all that should matter.

This post is to help break down the differences between the different diamond shapes and their own uniqueness.

There are different diamond shapes, which includes:

  • Round shape diamond
  • Cushion shape diamond
  • Oval shape diamond
  • Radiant shaped diamond
  • Emerald shape diamond
  • Marquise shape diamond
  • Pear shape diamond
  • Princess shaped diamond

Round Diamond

The round diamond is an absolute classic! With it’s perfect 360 degree shape and 57 facets, it will have the most sparkle. However, because the demand for them is so high the price is typically more expensive as well. If you love a timeless look that will never go out of style, the round diamond is a perfect option!

Solitaire Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Solitaire Engagement Ring in Flower
Engagement Ring in Flower

Cushion Cut Diamond

Coming in at a close number 2, the cushion cut is one of the most popular shapes behind the round diamond. The cushion-shaped diamond is a perfect mix round shape and the princess cut.  It has the brilliance of a round diamond with the shape of a soft cornered princess cut. You can get the cushion in two different styles. There is the squarer look that is typically 1.00-1.10 ratio. The second option is a more rectangular look, which ratios run from 1.15-1.30.

Cushion Cut Hidden Halo Engagement Ring
Large Cushion Cut Engagement Ring
4 carat cushion cut engagement ring

Oval Diamond

If brilliance is a main factor in your diamond choice, then you might want to consider the oval shape diamond as a main contender. In recent years, the oval diamond has been highly sought after. Sharing the same number of facets as the round diamond (57), the oval shape diamond emanates the same level of brilliance as the round. The oval shape diamond can make the finger of anyone wearing it to look slimmer and longer due to its elongated shape. Although, it all depends on the length to width ratio of the oval shape diamond. It has a very classic look with a modern twist, it is mostly used for engagement rings, which makes it easier to match with other pieces of jewelry.

Oval Halo Engagement Ring
Solitaire oval engagement ring with diamond accent
Solitaire Tiffany Oval Engagement Ring

Pear Shape Diamond

Often referred to as the tear drop diamond because of its rounded head and fine pointed end, the pear shape diamond has gained a lot of interest recently. Its versatile shape allows the pear shape diamond to be worn having the point facing towards you or away. Pear shape diamond produces a high rate of brilliance and a soft and delicate look, that tends to be very exceptional.

Solitaire Tiffany Oval Engagement Ring
Black Diamond Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

Radiant Cut Diamond

There is no surprise that the radiant cut diamond has become one of the hottest shapes in the recently. This exceptional diamond is perfect hybrid between the brilliance of the round cut and the elongated rectangular shape of the emerald cut diamond.  Perfect for the longer narrow finger, a person who loves emerald shape diamonds typically love the radiant cut as well.

Solitaire Radiant Cut Accent Diamond Engagement Ring
Solitaire Radiant Cut Accent Diamond Engagement Ring Yellow Gold
Three Stone Radiant Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond

With its rectangular shape, sleek lines, and beveled corners this shape diamond exudes elegance. This type of diamond shape has a very unique look. This step cut stone is characterized by its large open table and step shaped facets running along the length and width of the diamond. These facets show off a beautiful array of colors in natural lighting.  Given its clear almost glass like appearance, this diamond typically needs to be higher in clarity so the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

Large Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond Accent Engagement Ring
Three Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond

The way the princess cut diamond is typically a square shape. With its perfect 90-degree angle corners and 49 facets, the princess cut displays a wide array of color in natural lighting. It first gained popularity in 1980 and has been one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes ever since. This might be because the princess cut diamond has the same brilliance as the round diamond but has a chic square shape.

Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Accent Engagement Ring
Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring Black Diamond Accent

Marquise Diamond

The marquise diamond has an elongated shape similar to the oval, but unlike the oval diamond, the marquise has two pointed ends. It has been rumored that King Louis XIV of France requested a diamond shape be commissioned that resembled the smile of Marquise De Pompadour. This diamond shape is perfect for anyone who is looking for an elongated diamond but wants something a bit more unique than the oval diamond.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring East to West Set

Come See the Different Shapes In Person

Shopping for the right diamond can get stressful. With a large selection of loose diamonds, we at Masina Diamonds try and educate our clients on the different diamond shapes and help you decide what shape might be right for you. Whether you want the brilliance of the classic round diamond or the sleek modern look of the emerald cut, our highly educated staff are sure to have what you are looking for. Give us a call to set up an appointment to browse the different diamond shapes and custom design jewelry we keep on hand.

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