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Do Lab Diamonds Pass A Diamond Tester?

Despite word on the street, lab-grown diamonds are becoming significantly popular choices in the jewelry industry. Their exceptional quality, affordability, and fiery sparkle have made them a consideration among many diamond shoppers.

However, most folks buying these stunning lab created diamonds cannot distinguish between them and traditional-mined diamonds. This article provides comprehensive information on various types of diamond testers and why lab-grown diamonds will pass a diamond tester.      

What Is A Diamond Tester?

A diamond tester is a small portable device used in the diamond industry to determine whether a gemstone is an authentic diamond or not. They appear with a small needle-like pointer that you place on the gem to test whether it is a genuine diamond. 

Types Of Diamond Testers

Today, there are various diamond testers to choose from, thanks to advancements in technology and modifications. Earlier, jewelers significantly depended on thermal conductivity, which was not accurate in the case of synthetic diamonds. But with electrical or UV testing methods, you are fully assured of precise testing. Here are different types of diamond testers available on the market. 

  • Thermal Diamond tester
  • Electrical conductivity or UV diamond tester
  • Diamond indenter hardness tester
  • Diamond tester pen
  • Fluorescence diamond testing

Can A Lab-Grown Diamond Pass A Diamond Tester?

Lab-grown diamonds possess similar thermal and electrical conductivity as natural diamonds. And for that reason, they will pass a diamond tester, whether you seek to test for pure carbon components, pass through UV light, or heat it to check thermal conductivity. 

However, to determine whether your diamond is natural or lab-created, it would be best to have it checked by a GIA graduate gemologist with complex equipment specifically designed to identify lab-grown diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and are worth an investment. In addition, their value compares directly with genuine diamonds and can still shine perfectly on your bracelet or engagement ring. 

If jeweler integrity is a concern to you, Masina Diamonds will clear the doubts. Our ethical and social standards will help you find the finest engagement ring you are looking forward to buying. Contact us today or browse through our product page to shop for new and latest designs.

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