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What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Is there anything more beautiful than a diamond, sparkling in the light? Sparkle is one of the key things that makes diamonds so special and coveted! While the sparkle from a large diamond may be especially dazzling, even smaller diamonds have that special glisten that lights up your soul. So what makes diamonds sparkle, and what factors influence how much a diamond sparkles? 

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle?

Diamonds sparkle because of the way light is reflected off their surface. When light hits the diamond, it is reflected at a different angle, and to your eyes, that looks like sparkling. This is why diamonds seem to sparkle more when they’re in bright light. Sparkling is basically reflected light.

What Factors That Affect A Diamond’s Sparkle?

While all diamonds sparkle, some sparkle more than others. There are four key factors that determine how intensely a diamond sparkles.

1. Cut

Diamonds that are cut at multiple angles tend to sparkle more because they light reflects off of them in more directions. Well-cut diamonds are cut in a way that allows the light to travel all of the way through the gem before being reflected, which increases sparkle.

2. Brilliance

Brilliance refers to the way light bounces off the outside of the diamond, and also the inside of the diamond. Diamonds with exceptional brilliance look like they have a light inside of them.

3. Fire

When light enters a diamond, sometimes it gets broken apart into its respective wavelengths, which allows you to see a rainbow of colors. Diamonds that exhibit this quality are said to have fire. It will look like the diamond is sparkling colorfully.

4. Scintillation

Scintillation is the quality that makes it look like a diamond is flashing when you move it around in the light. The more facets or angles a diamond has, the more scintillation it will create. Round diamonds, for example, often have more tiny facets and therefore more scintillation.


Understanding what makes a diamond sparkle can help you select the diamond that is right for you. If you’d like to learn more about sparkle or about diamonds in general, feel free to contact us. Here at Masina Diamonds, we take great pride in helping our customers find jewels they love.

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