2020 Enagement Ring Trends

2020 Enagement Ring Trends

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life but trying to decide on what style engagement ring you want can be hard. Styles can range from simple solitaires, which are only a diamond and a plain band, to the intense sparkle of the double halo style. Luckily, choosing the right engagement ring isn’t as hard as it seems. When choosing the engagement ring, try and keep her style in mind and ask yourself these questions. What color jewelry does she typically wear? Does she wear more simple pieces or something that is more eye catching? This will help you narrow down the choices. Because Masina Diamonds is a top rated jewelry store in Atlanta, we make sure to carry most style engagement rings! We also specialize in custom design jewelry and can create any styles engagement ring you had in mind!

Below are some of the most popular style engagement rings for 2020 complete with a description of each style. Rather than focusing on the actual color of the metal, this list consists of actual engagement ring designs.

Solitaires Engagement Rings

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum

There is beauty in simplicity, and the solitaire ring setting expresses just that. This simple thin band and solitaire diamond is a timeless look that will never go out of style. This look is perfect for the bride that’s looking to keep her diamond as the main focus of her engagement ring. The delicate bands always seem to give the center stone a much larger look. This style engagement ring can come in different widths for the band and in either four prongs or six prongs. The great thing with simple designs like this are that they can match with almost any style wedding band whether you are looking for a perfect match or wanting to go with a mismatch style.

Diamond Accent Rings

Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Accent BandEmerald Cut Engagement Ring with Diamond Accent Band

The diamond accented engagement rings are another popular 2020 trend for engagement rings in Atlanta. Playing off the classic solitaire look, the pave diamond ring setting keeps the main focus on the center diamond but adds a little extra sparkle. A big thing to point out with this style seems to be the width of the band. Going with a thinner more delicate ring setting proportionally tends to make the center diamond look a bit larger! Being another simplistic design, these style engagement rings go well with many different style wedding bands as well!

Hidden Halo/Diamond Basket Engagement Rings

Pear Shape Engagement Ring Hidden Halo

The traditional halo has been a style that has dominated the engagement ring market for quite sometime now, but from that a new trend has been created. It seems that styles are beginning to shift from having the accented diamonds around the center stone to having them encrusting in the basket/gallery underneath! The hidden halo engagement ring keeps the focus on the center stone but adds a little unique touch to the classic solitaire look! This style is perfect for the bride that finds beauty in simplicity but also likes a touch of individuality.

Ovals/Pear Shape Rings

Oval Shape Engagement Ring with Yellow Gold Diamond Accent BandPear Shape Halo Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

It’s no secret that ovals and pear shape diamond have been hot this past year, and it doesn’t seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon! Since we specialize in engagement rings in Atlanta, we've noticed that there has been a rise in interest in these shapes for quite a while now.  Elongated shape diamonds like these tend to look slightly larger than their round diamond counter parts! But because they share the same number of facets as the round diamond, they will have close to the same sparkle! These fancy shapes come in many different proportions. Whether they are thinner and longer or shorter and wider, you can’t go wrong with either of these brilliant shapes in one of our custom ring settings.

Halo Rings

Emerlad Cut Halo Engagement Ring with Dainty Band

The halo style engagement ring has taken the jewelry industry by storm. Halo refers to the small, typically round, diamonds that surround the center diamond. The great thing about this style engagement ring is that it works with any shape! This not only gives the center stone extra sparkle, but it also gives a slight illusion of a larger diamond. A halo setting can be a way to save money but still achieve a big look. They can come in various shapes, some even taking on the look of a flower.

Three Stone Engagement Rings


The three stone engagement ring style is a classic that has been around for a long time. It showcases a trio of dazzling diamonds. The three diamonds are said to represent a couples past, present, and future. The three stones can be the same size, but this style is often seen with the center diamond being slightly larger. This style engagement ring is typically seen with either round diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, or oval diamonds. It is common to see this style engagement ring with colored stones such as sapphires as the side stones.

Vintage Style Rings

Vintage style engagement rings have an aura of history around them. Many are designed to fit specific time periods such as Art Deco. These style engagement rings have details that are hard to look past. Designed with elements such as milgrain and filigree, vintage inspired engagement rings are perfect for the bride that appreciates craftsmanship. Their antique design gives a feel of an heirloom ring passed down for generations.

How To Pick The Perfect Ring 

We understand that trying to pick out the perfect engagement ring can be a bit stressful.
If you are opening to shopping with you significant other, we recommend visiting a few jewelry stores together. This will help get a better idea of their style. She will get to try on different engagement ring styles in person and narrow down the options that she likes!

If you want to leave it a surprise, we recommend trying to take a look at Pinterest to see if she has created a board of engagement rings. These will typically have pictures of rings that she has in mind. Another options is getting a close friend involved. There is a good chance that they have discussed what style engagement rings they like. We are not like other jewelry stores. Because we specialize in engagement rings in Atlanta, we are here to help you find the perfect ring and educate you about diamonds. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!