6 Small Wedding Ideas for an Intimate Ceremony 

6 Small Wedding Ideas for an Intimate Ceremony 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have had to cancel or postpone their wedding day. Thankfully as time has passed and things have slowly begun to open. The restrictions for groups have slightly eased up, bringing the perfect opportunity to get creative with ways of celebrating such a special day.

When it comes to wedding planning, guest counts, wedding agendas, an overabundance of elements can be a lot to take on. Then, combine in a larger scale wedding and that can be added stress to this unknown season. Creating an intimate space for a wedding can be memorable for the married couple and the guests. One of the hardest things about planning a small wedding is finding the right vendors.

Small weddings create an excellent opportunity to make your wedding guests feel special while giving yourself time to truly experience your special day. Another bonus is there’s opportunity to have unique entertaining ideas and customized dining options that you might not be able to at a larger scale. Instead of spending money on entertaining a large number of guests, a small wedding allows you to gear your budget towards an unforgettable evening with your closest friends and family. 

For those of you thinking that a small wedding, whether that means inviting 100 or 10 people, might be the way to go, we’ve come up with ideas and Atlanta wedding vendors to design the ultimate intimate wedding in Atlanta or around the globe!

Here are some of our best ideas for a small intimate wedding with loved ones!

1)     Get creative with your ceremony:

Don’t be afraid to switch up the traditional layout for the ceremony. Although having the traditional rows for a wedding is great for obvious reasons, many wedding trends show ceremonies circling around the bride and groom. This can create a more intimate feel. It is a win-win situation because it can be more spaced out for social distancing while allowing your guests to feel a part of your wedding ceremony. 

2) Shoot for Off-Peak Timing:

Finding the right wedding photographer is a critical part of your special day. The right photographer is able to catch the memories you will cherish forever without missing a beat. During the corona virus pandemic, shooting for off peak timing has become a safe way to capture the perfect moments. This brilliant trend has been happening for a while now, but with social distancing in place it can bring efficiency and safety into the mix. Taking your wedding photos ahead of time equals more time for the bride and groom to enjoy their day with loved ones while keeping both parties safe. Because Atlanta’s weather is so unpredictable, finding wedding photographers in Atlanta that can work around whatever is thrown their way can be somewhat difficult. Our collection of Atlanta wedding photographers have been vetted for their professionalism, customer reviews and their keen eye for catching the perfect photo.

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3) Think Outside the Entertainment Box:

Having a more intimate wedding creates more wiggle room with your budget. This allows spending in areas that you might not have been able to do earlier. One place you could splurge would be with music. Music is an important part of your wedding day because it sets the mood for the entire evening. It could be having a small band performing live music or hiring a killer DJ. Music can truly shape your experience as well as your guests' experience so why not make it a memorable one!


4) Skip the Formal Ceremony:

Due to COVID-19, many people are opting for the eloping option and plan to have an incredible reception with loved ones later. Eloping creates a cozy moment just for the newly weds and having a reception separately. This gives an opportunity for more guests and areas to splurge on a killer reception! 

Just because you’re skipping a formal ceremony doesn’t mean that you can’t party with your loved ones! Having a small reception can still bring the joy and memories of a large wedding. Keeping the guest list to a minimum doesn’t mean you still can’t have the fun of dressing up! Saving money on not having to entertain a large guest list means you can spend money on things like the wedding dress of your dreams!  There are plenty of places to find wedding dresses in Atlanta that practice social distancing to allow you to find the perfect dress safely. 

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5) Go for a Super Casual Reception

If you are a person who does not want to make your day elaborate, then opting for a super casual reception is the way to go. Having a casual reception can make your guests feel comfortable and enjoy the night! Reaching out to the couple’s favorite local food trucks or restaurant can be a fun and laid back way for guests to eat while getting to know the newly weds a bit better!

Creating an intimate backyard ceremony can take the place of a formal ballroom reception. It gives both bride and groom the opportunity to connect with their closest relatives and friends without the worry of greeting and entertaining a large number of guests.  Opting for this allows couples to put more of their budget towards something like beautiful floral arrangements. Wedding florists in Atlanta can create stunning arrangements of any size. To help ease the stress of deciding who the right florist is for you, we’ve created a cultured list of wedding florists we recommend based on craftsmanship and experience. 

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6) Indulge in the Cuisine and Drinks

Food can genuinely bring connection and community so if you are a foodie, splurging on higher-end meals for wedding reception can be a fun way to create a memory with your guests. Now is the time that you could have a course meal or have a mini food tasting from multiple caterers. If large courses aren’t your thing, snack bars are always a great option. These are perfect for weddings with fewer guests and everyone can enjoy their own plate without having to share utensils like a buffet style catering.

Another huge benefit to a more intimate wedding are the drinks! Customizable cocktails are a huge trend for 2020 weddings. Because the guest list might be smaller, there is more freedom to spend money on garnishes and unique drinks that might be harder to maintain with a larger crowd. There are plenty of wedding caterers in Atlanta that have adapted to the new regulations and will be able to create a custom menu for your wedding. 

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