A Quick Guide on How to Clean an Engagement Ring at Home

A Quick Guide on How to Clean an Engagement Ring at Home

When you receive your engagement ring, nothing compares to the first time you see it sparkle in the sunlight. You sit for hours admiring the way that the light catches every shimmering angle of your diamond rings, and it brings a smile to your face. But, as time goes on and you continue about your daily tasks with your ring on, you realize that the shine becomes dull over time. This might have you wondering how to clean an engagement ring at home?

Below you're going to find some useful things to know when it comes to how to clean a diamond ring?

Soap and Baking Soda

The first home cleaning remedy that we have to offer you is simple. All you need is some baking soda and warm water. You may be wondering, is baking soda really going to clean my engagement ring?

The answer is yes; all you've got to do is leave it in the solution you created for upwards of five minutes and then remove it. Next, you'll want to take a cleaning brush and gently scrub away any debris that has become lodged in your ring. Not only is it going to remove the gunk that has been stuck in your ring, but it's also going to restore the ring to a beautiful shine.

Take It To a Professional Cleaner

There are going to be times when no matter what you try at home, you simply may not have the time or products to clean your rings. And this is when the best idea that you can have is to take your ring to a professional and have them clean it. The entire cleaning process won't take long, and they have the cleaner and proper brushes needed to clean your engagement ring. Who knows, while you're waiting to get your rings back, you might see some other jewelry that you're thinking about purchasing.

Ammonia and Water

Usually, it comes with a warning to stay far away when you see ammonia, but not when it comes to cleaning your ring. We urge you that before using the ammonia, you read the safety labels as well as the directions for how many parts of ammonia you should add to water.

When you don't carefully handle ammonia it can be dangerous to you and others that might be in the same environment. After you've created your solution, you need to submerge the jewelry in it for at least ten minutes. After it's been soaked, you will need to remove it from the solution and use a brush or cloth to get rid of any left behind debris. Before using ammonia as a cleaning solution, make sure you don't have any fracture-filled stones. If your stones are fracture-filled, using ammonia can cause the stone's appearance to change and become cloudy over time.

Supplies Needed When Cleaning Your Ring

Before you begin cleaning your jewelry, you need to check that you have all the supplies you need. When handling chemicals, you should always handle them in a well-ventilated area and wear protection, including gloves, when necessary. This will protect your skin from having any adverse reaction to the chemicals. Next, you'll need a bowl that is deep enough to hold both your jewelry and the cleaning solution that you create.

For the process that comes after soaking your rings, you'll need a brush and a cloth. The brush is to help you remove debris that has become lodged in hard to reach places. It gives you the bristle strength you need without harming the ring itself. Lastly, you'll need a cloth to dry your ring before you put it back on your finger after the cleaning session.

Should I Clean My Ring Often?

Once you see the way that your ring shines after the first time you clean it at home, you'll be tempted to clean the rings as often as possible. You should clean your ring no more than a couple of times every month. This gives your ring time to build up some dirt that can be cleaned. If you clean it frequently, you'll find that you begin to add wear and tear to your ring that's not necessary.

Besides, who has the time to clean their ring every day?

What Happens When I Don't Clean My Ring?

When you don't clean your ring, the dirt that's lodged in those hard to reaches areas and under your stone continues to buildup. Because of this buildup, it can affect the look of your ring, making it appear dirtier and less appealing to you and others that see it.

The dirt buildup can also affect the integrity of the ring, causing stones to become loose over time.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring At Home: The Recap

We've answered the question of how to clean an engagement ring at home and many others that you may have. Before beginning the cleaning process, take the time to secure all the necessary materials that you'll need to clean your jewelry. You might try using ammonia or using baking soda when cleaning them. But, if you're asking yourself, where can I get my engagement ring cleaned? You'll want to take it to the only people that can clean your ring the best. Masina Diamonds specialize in everything from engagement to wedding rings.

It's for this reason you need to contact us and ask about the cleaning services we offer. We've been restoring the shine of engagement rings and the sparkle in customers' smiles since 1984.