How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

If you are engaged or getting married shortly, you must be perplexed about wearing the engagement ring and wedding band together. The flashback of those unforgettable moments when you received a wedding proposal and the flashing engagement ring on your hand is so close to your heart that you don't want to remove it off your finger. How to wear your wedding band and engagement ring together is the most frequent thought hammering the minds of most people. Other than the tradition of the region where you live, the design, carat sizes, and shape of the engagement ring matter the most.

The sleek and unique design of the engagement rings in Atlanta may help you select the most suitable ring as per your liking. You may have never noticed the engagement rings of other people as much as you do now – as a fiancé. It would have triggered a myriad of questions in your mind – which way to stack your rings, how to wear your engagement and wedding rings and what is the right way to flaunt them.

Here is a guide on how to wear your engagement rings and wedding bands according to the style that suits best to your personality.

Suggestions on how to wear your engagement ring and wedding band

  • The tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand

The tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand has roots in the Ancient Egyptian belief that a vein leads straight from the left ring finger to the heart.

Wearing the ring on the left hand is a common tradition in many regions, such as South Africa, the United States, the UK, France, Mexico, Canada, and a few Asian countries.

The third finger on the left hand is specified as the ring finger as it has the love vein.

  • Wearing rings on the right hand

Your selection of hand and finger to wear a wedding band may depend upon the cultural traditions of the area you live in. In a few Western countries, couples wear their rings on their left hands, while in some other countries and regions, it is customary to wear wedding rings on the right hands. Some countries have the tradition of wearing the wedding rings on one hand and swap hands on the wedding day. You may show some love towards your right hand by adorning it with the engagement or wedding ring.

  • Engagement ring on top of the wedding band

You may choose to combine your wedding band and engagement ring into one unified piece, symbolizing the togetherness of two souls bonded together. You may like to wear your engagement ring and the wedding band on the same finger. You can wear your wedding band first and stack your engagement ring over it. To avoid any awkward situation on your wedding day at the altar, it is better to remove your engagement ring before the wedding ceremony and keep it in a safe place or wear it in your right hand.

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  • Wedding band on top of the engagement ring

Another prevalent choice is to wear the rings the other way around. You may find some logic in this style to wear your rings in the order you accepted them – the engagement ring first followed by the wedding band. The thought that the engagement ring symbolizes a promise and the wedding ring strengthens that promise may appeal more to your heart. Wearing your wedding band after the engagement ring expresses your journey of love and togetherness.

  • Wearing engagement and wedding bands separately

If you find that your wedding band does not match up with the engagement ring in style, you may wear them separately – the engagement ring on your left ring finger and the wedding band on the right finger or vice versa. This choice is also ideal if you do not want to stack more than one ring on your finger. It is entirely your personal preference as per your style and convenience.

  • Wear the wedding and engagement rings rotation wise

You are not bound to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together always. You may set up your own rule of wearing both the rings on alternate days as per your convenience. You may wear the wedding band every day as per your comfort and may like to wear the sparkling engagement ring occasionally.

  • Wear the rings in a chain around your neck

If your work does not allow you to wear the ring and band on your hands and you want to wear your symbols of promise and love every day, you can insert your precious ring and band into a chain and wear it around your neck happily and peacefully. It will help you maintain a balance between your work and emotions.

  • Wear the engagement ring band only

You can go out of the way by skipping your wedding band and wear an engagement ring to flaunt your marriage, creating your tradition and style. If you wish to flaunt only your engagement ring, then you should go for it if you feel comfortable.

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