What are Hidden Halo Rings?

What are Hidden Halo Rings?

In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the first diamond ring. Despite the rise of modernity, one thing has stayed the same throughout time: the beauty of engagement rings.
Everyone deserves to feel special on their engagement day, but the ring options are endless, and finding the right style can be tricky.
However, when it comes to ring style options, there's one clear winner: hidden halo rings are visually mesmerizing and bring something unique to the design.
Are you looking for engagement rings in Atlanta on your search bar and want to find out more about halo rings in general? But, you can't find enough information to make a decision?
Then, keep reading this article.

What Are Hidden Halo Rings?

When you give your loved one a ring, you want it to last forever. So, naturally, you look for the best quality and browse several jewelry stores in Atlanta. The first step is picking an eye-catching stone.
Then, you must consider how the rest of the ring style will complement the center stone. Think of it this way; you wouldn't paint a picture with just one figure...
You need a detailed background with attractive features like clouds, birds, and trees. An engagement ring is no different. It's about the little details.
A hidden halo design offers the best of both worlds. It sprinkles some personality while maintaining the traditional appearance of a solitaire ring.
You won't need to study hundreds of engagement rings in Atlanta online. You must find a high-quality seller and pick the hidden halo ring that catches your eye.
But what makes a hidden halo ring different from the rest?

Incredible Features of Hidden Halo Rings

A hidden halo ring includes diamonds circling the base of the center stone. That means you won't spot this subtle design element when you look at the ring from above.
However, when you tilt your hand to the side, the hidden halo diamonds will pop!
There's something extraordinary about this engagement ring compared to traditional designs. Even though halo rings don't have this hidden feature, they are still exquisite in their own right.
If you opt for a hidden halo ring, you get something more personal and intimate. Ultimately, the choice of ring comes down to personal preference, but a hidden halo design is guaranteed to make a statement.

Cushion cut hidden halo engagement ring

Celebrities That Have Hidden Halo Rings

For instance, many celebrities have decided on a hidden halo ring because of its incredible design and stand-out diamond features. Here is a list of our celebrity favorites who have hidden halo rings:
- Hailey Baldwin Bieber
- Demi-Leigh Tebow
- Kim Kardashian
- Jasmine Tookes
So, if you want to follow in these gorgeous celebrity footsteps, get a hidden halo ring!
You won't regret it.

Why You Need a Hidden Halo Ring

If you're still wondering if hidden halo rings are right, this section has you covered. Let's consider why you need a hidden halo ring over other engagement rings.

Highlight Your Center Stone

As already mentioned, a hidden halo ring is about highlighting the center stone. If you make all the effort to pick a spectacular stone, you don't want the surrounding design to distract you from the main focus.
You want to take pride in your ring and let the center stone have the limelight. The only way to give the center stone the attention it deserves is to choose a hidden halo design that subtly highlights the main features.
This engagement ring design will make your center stone appear more prominent and allow it to shine without other elements taking up too much space.

Versatile Design

Another reason that hidden halo engagement rings are a good option is that they can fit with any size and shape of a diamond. Therefore, you can have an oval, radiant, round, or pear shape, and it can still have a hidden halo.
That way, you don't need to compromise on your dream ring for the sake of the shape. You can have it all!

Pear Shape Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Potential to Mix Metals

Although mixing metal can end badly when designing a wedding ring, it can also be fantastic if you do it correctly. Hidden halo rings allow you to mix metals without overwhelming the entire design.
This is important if you have a specific idea and want to include a hidden halo feature.

Same Price as Halo Rings

In addition to being as attractive as classic halo rings, the hidden halo style is also the same price. Therefore, the quality and price are not determining factors in which design is better.
At Masina Diamonds, we have one of the largest loose diamonds in Atlanta collections and aim to show each client at least 3-5 different options when they come to our business.
We have an extensive range of hidden halo rings in various styles and diamond accents. There's something for everyone among our hidden halo engagement rings.
Take a look at your website and see for yourself.
Some of the most popular options are as follows:
- Solitaire Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring With .45 Carat of Round Diamond in 14K White Gold
- Solitaire Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring With .20 Carat of Diamonds in 14K Yellow and White Gold
- Solitaire Hidden Halo Engagement Ring With 1.00 Carat of Oval Diamonds in 14K Yellow Gold and Platinum

Engagement Rings in Atlanta That Will Shine

Finding engagement rings in Atlanta that will shine and make a statement isn't easy. Masina Diamonds have provided clients with unique rings with unforgettable designs for over three decades.
Among the extensive collection, hidden halo designs are still popular for newly engaged couples. For most of us, an engagement ring symbolizes hope and promise for the rest of our life.
So, you need to make it special. But, not everyone wants a busy design with lots of diamonds. For some, a subtle diamond decoration like hidden halo rings is ideal.
For those people looking for a modest but stunning ring, we're here to help. Let us guide you to your perfect ring today.
Get in touch with us to learn more about custom-designed engagement rings at Masina Diamonds.