What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

This type of diamond was popular in the 1800s and 1900s, previously mined in Brazil and India before newer mines were discovered in Africa. The appearance of an old mine cut diamond is simply recognizable among modern diamonds.

How To Identify An Old Mine Cut Diamond

They are characterized by unique features because they are cut and shaped by the use of the hand and eye. 

They have a high crown, a smaller table, and more significant facets. Unlike modern diamonds, old cuts have 58 to 59 facets and a larger culet. The aspects are uneven and asymmetrical in shape due to cutting by hand, unlike modern cuts that are modified with machines. 

This diamond has a bulkier proportion which was intentionally made to sparkle under the candlelight. This was to create a warm appearance with a soft, romantic glow. Their flash is not as bright as modern cuts.

The Value Of An Old Mine Cut Diamond

The value depends on many factors, because the cut grade is poorer than modern cut diamonds. The cut, color, carat, and clarity determine the pricing of the diamond. The round old cut diamond attracts more value in the market than the other shapes. 

The value of the old cuts went down after advancing technology helped make more refined cuts and greater standardization.

Buying An Old Mine Cut Diamond

There are various factors to look at when purchasing this antique diamond. Always certify with the GIA or AGS certificate to ensure it's an original piece. It is the initial step in your purchase; you are assured of getting the correct details of the diamond-like color, clarity, and fluorescence as they are graded on the certificate. 

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