What Is Diamond Brilliance?

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Diamonds are beautiful, and their brilliance is one of the properties contributing to that. Diamond brilliance refers to how white light is reflected on a diamond. Brilliance determines the sparkle and brightness of a diamond. It is said that an ideal cut diamond is cut for beauty and brilliance. The diamonds that sparkle the most are brilliant and round, ideal cut diamonds. 

Factors That Affect Diamond Brilliance

The 4Cs greatly influence the brilliance of a diamond; clarity, carat, cut, and color. 

  • Cut: the shape of a diamond has a lot to do with the number of facets. That is why round-shaped diamonds are more brilliant than oval-shaped diamonds. The cut quality can be done using six different angles, and each angle affects how light bounces back to the viewer.

  • Clarity: a diamond will appear less bright if it has blemishes and inclusions. This is because when light is reflected in, it will be dispersed. 

  • Color: a diamond with less color is likely to have a higher color grade. Colorless diamonds are said to allow more light, and as a result, they appear more brilliant.

  • Carat: This refers to the physical weight of the diamond. Larger diamonds are usually rare, thus the price of the diamond increases with the carat weight.

How To Determine Diamond Brilliance

An ideal diamond cut will give an optimal reflection of light to produce more brilliance. The brilliant round cut has the most brilliance because of its 58 facets, allowing light to pass through easily. 

When a diamond is cut at the right angle, the viewer reflects the light that enters the diamond. If a diamond is cut at a shallow angle, it will not reflect enough light. The amount of light that reflects the viewer will be little or no light at all. Therefore, we can say that the angle of the cut is major in light reflection. 

If a diamond is cut too deep at an angle, the light is not reflected in the viewer; hence it will have less sparkle. 

Light is scattered and fractured when it passes through a perfectly cut diamond. Reflection, refraction, and dispersion are factors that make a diamond appear so brilliant. 

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