Diamond Ratio Calculator

by | May 11, 2023

When it comes to diamond ratios, each diamond shape has its own set of ideal proportions that are considered most desirable. Here are the recommended diamond ratios for some popular diamond shapes:


Round Cut Diamonds:

For round cut diamonds, the ideal ratio is 1:1, meaning the diamond’s length and width are approximately equal. This creates a perfectly symmetrical shape with maximum brilliance. However, slight variations within the range of 1:1 to 1.02:1 can still produce stunning round cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamonds:

The ideal ratio for princess cut diamonds is generally considered to be around 1:1 to 1.05:1. This creates a square and/or slightly rectangular shape that showcases the diamond’s brilliance and fire. A slightly rectangular princess cut diamond can offer a unique and elongating effect.

Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Emerald cut diamonds typically have a rectangular shape with step-cut facets. The recommended ratio for emerald cut diamonds falls in the range of 1.30:1 to 1.50:1. This ratio creates a balanced and elegant appearance, with longer, slender cuts being more desirable.

Oval Cut Diamonds:

For oval cut diamonds, the ideal ratio falls between 1.33:1 to 1.66:1. This range ensures a well-proportioned oval shape that appears elongated and graceful. The specific ratio within this range depends on personal preference and the desired length-to-width ratio.

Marquise Cut Diamonds:

The ideal ratio for marquise cut diamonds is generally between 1.75:1 to 2.25:1. This range creates the distinctive shape of a marquise diamond, with its elongated and pointed ends. The specific ratio within this range can vary based on personal preference and the desired look.

Pear Cut Diamonds:

Pear cut diamonds typically have a teardrop shape, with a rounded end and a pointed end. The recommended ratio for pear cut diamonds is around 1.45:1 to 1.75:1. This range ensures a balanced and symmetrical shape, with a graceful taper from the rounded end to the pointy end.

While these ratios are considered ideal, personal preference plays a small, but significant role in diamond selection. It’s important to consider other factors such as cut quality, clarity, and color when choosing a diamond, as these characteristics also contribute to a diamond’s overall beauty. Ultimately, selecting the best diamond ratio is a matter of finding the shape and proportions that appeal to your individual taste and style.

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