Jewelry Repair In Atlanta, GA

Top rated jewelry repair in Atlanta, GA. At Masina we don’t want to just sell you jewelry, we want to help you maintain it for years to come. What sets us apart from other jewelers is the service and security you get before, during, and after the shopping process.

Top Rated Jewelry Repair In Atlanta, GA

Our on site jeweler can repair anything from stone setting, prong work, bracelet rivots, ring sizing and so much more!
Just know all repairs (with some exclusions) are all done on premise for your peace of mind.

We do all types of jewelry repair services in Atlanta, GA

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of the elegance and durability of your jewelry and that’s why we offer several services to help maintain the pleasure your jewelry was meant to bring. Our jewelry repair services include ring sizing, restorations, mountings, stone replacement, retipping prongs, jewelry cleaning & polishing, necklace & bracelet repair, clasp replacement, and refurbishment. Our expert jewelers have decades of experience and will work to help keep your pieces looking brand new.

In a hurry? Good news!
Because we work in-house we can offer same-day turnaround for jewelry repair.
 Jewelry Repair In Atlanta

Did you know we also customize everything?

We'll bring you in and help design your perfect piece. Everything is customizable and we go at your speed.

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